Sacred Heart Cathedral Catholic School - Dodge City, KS

Confirmation Important Info

Hope all is well!  I am excited to be able to assist you and your child’s sponsor in preparing your child for Confirmation.  My hope, is that your child will discover that Christ is the most important person in their life and that they desire, with the Holy Spirit’s help to become a disciple.  First and foremost please be an outstanding witness of the Catholic faith by attending Mass each week with your child, making sure they are praying, and are staying close to the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.  The more you are faithful, the more they will be.  Some things I want to make you aware of in regards to Confirmation are:

-Your child will choose a Confirmation Saint so please help assist them in choosing the one that they aspire to become.

-They will attend on December 13 the NET Retreat at the COLG from 7:30-3:30.  NET is an awesome group of young people who travel across the USA giving retreats for teens.  Ask your child about the retreat after it is over and hopefully it will be a good one!

-Your child will receive Mass envelopes where they can donate money, put a prayer in the envelope, but the hope is this will become a lifelong habit of giving to our Church.

-Each child is asked to do 10 hours of Stewardship and they can certainly do more to give of themself for our community.  Ideas for this our Numana, going to a nursing home, soup kitchen, visiting the sick, etc. but the goal is it is something that is different and expands their worldview and helps them to grow spiritually.

-Tuesdays at Sacred Heart from 7:45-8:05 the Sacrament of Confession is offered but also Saturdays from 11:00-12:00 and 3:30-4:30 at the Cathedral.  A great habit you can help form and I strongly encourage you and your child is to go to this Sacrament once a month.  The family that prays together, stays together!

-Each Confirmation Candidate will choose a sponsor that is an active, practicing Catholic that is in good standing with the Church and a good role model for your child.  Forms will be sent out and once you choose a sponsor then you can choose which Confirmation Mass you, your child, and your sponsor want to participate in.  Forms can be turned in to me.  

-Each Confirmation Candidate will write a letter to the Bishop requesting this Sacrament from him and be assured he reads each and everyone of these.

-Will will attend the Chrism Mass as a 7th grade class and serve the lunch afterwards.

-Our series we will be using in class is from the Chosen Series put out by Ascension Press.  It is a 24 part series that explores all the major aspects of our Catholic faith with emphasis on Confirmation.  I highly recommend anything put out by Ascension Press!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  Generally, if something is said in the bulletin or at Mass about Confirmation it is for those students not going to Sacred Heart so keep in contact with me if you aren’t sure about something.  Also, check the Sacred Heart website and click Mr. Frasco and find important info in regards to Confirmation.  God bless you and be assured of my prayers!  Tony Frasco


Confirmation Masses for 2016


Practice Tuesday April 18  at 7:00pm at the COLG


Confirmation Mass Thursday April 20 at 6:30 at the COLG










Pro Life Contest

The 2016-2017 Pro Life Contest began on September 15 and will end on December 12.

Congrats to the Sacred Heart Cathedral middle school students for raising a record $7900 last year!  In the 5 years Sacred Heart has been doing this the total raised for Pro Life has been $28,000!  The goal this year is $6000 but if they break the record they will certainly get a reward.  The class that brings in the most donations gets extra credit, a class party, and tons of prizes! The proceeds for this year will go to putting up for a year a Pro Life Across America billboard on Wyatt Earp and other billboards throughout the state of Kansas.  Thank you for your prayers and support in order to build up a culture of life.  God willing, this generation will see an end to abortion!

Reflection of the Son

Available for purchase is the 2nd edition of a book I put together called Reflection of the Son.  Reflection of the Son is a Scriptural Rosary Book and Marian Guide that is sure to help anyone grow in praying the rosary.  A portion of the proceeds goes to Seminarians and Catholic education.  The cost is $15.95 and there is a discount for purchasing books in quantities of 5.  Contact Mr. Frasco if you are interested!  God bless you and Mary lead you to her Son!!!


Mr. Tony Frasco
7th Grade A
Middle School Religion