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Here is my wish list for the 2013-2014 school year. Updates will be put in as needed. Thanks for all that you do!


Mrs. Dawson

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This is the grading scale that first grade will be using. It is not the same scale used for grades 2nd-8th.

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Here is an extra copy of Rainbow Words that you can print off if you lose your copy. Rainbow Words are for your child's spelling words. Directions: Write the spelling word in pencil, then trace over it in 2 or 3 different colored crayons. No markers or pens please!

Aquí es una copia extra de Rainbow palabras que puede imprimir fuera si pierde su copia. Arco Iris palabras son palabras de ortografía de su hijo. Indicaciones: Escriba la palabra con errores ortográficos en lápiz y, a continuación, trazar sobre ella en 2 o 3 diferentes lápices de colores. No hay marcadores o rotuladores por favor!

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Parents-I downloaded this list from the free resources section of the Everyday Math website for first grade. This is a list that you and your child may enjoy reading if they really like math or if you want them to learn about math. Check it out!

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Here should be the list for beginning sight words and high frequency words for first grade.

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Here is the Practice List for Math-don't forget to check out the xtramath website also!

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This is the same letter, but in Spanish

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For those of you curious about what we are going to be learning about in Unit 1 of our Everyday Math Series, here is the first Home Link telling about it.