Sacred Heart Cathedral Catholic School - Dodge City, KS


Parents and Students,

My plan for the this year will be to keep this page updated with the homework that is assigned for a week at a time.  However, this is only a plan for what I will be doing throughout the week.  It is all subject to change based on student understanding and unforeseen events that may prevent us for accomplishing our goal. Please check back often to know when upcoming quizzes and tests will happen.


From Feb. 12 to March 2, SHCS is participating in the "Pennies for Patients" program. Notes of the program were sent home with my students on Monday. If you have not seen them yet, please ask your child about it. Also, please make sure to check with your children that they have any/all homework, assignments, and corrections completed. Eligibility is every Friday and we want to see all our students succeed and remain in any events they are participating in.   Thank you



Feb. 5 - Feb. 9, 2018

Monday - Scholars Bowl at Wichita Co.

Tuesday - Interim testing

Wednesday -  Dismiss at 1:30

Thursday - DCHS Musical, Scholar's Bowl at Cimarron 

Friday - Interim testing

If any of you have Box Tops, please send them with your child any time and they can put them in our Box Top collection can and earn a reward. Thank you for all you do to help us and the school. If you ever have any concerns or questions, feel free to visit with me about them. Have a great week.  if your child is an athlete, please check with them that they have a snack for after school practice. They seem to be "starvin" by 3:30.  Thank you



Thank you,


Mrs. Gleason


History 6A

Monday - 2/19 -  NO SCHOOL

Tuesday - 2/20 -  p. 359-364;  GR/Voc 10-3

Wednesday - 2/21-  Chapter 10 Review

Thursday - 2/22-  Chapter 10 test

Friday - 2/923-  Ancient History Trivia

History 8A

Monday - 2/19 - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday - 2/20 - Chapter 12 Review 

Wednesday - 2/21 - Chapter 12 Test

Thursday - 2/22 - p. 386-390;  Ch. Skills/ Crit. Think Skills  WS 13

Friday - 2/23- American History Trivia

History 7-2

Monday -2/19-  NO SCHOOL

Tuesday - 2/20 - p. 186-191;  WS 201

Wednesday -2/21- p. 192-195;  WS 202/205

Thursday -2/22 - p. 196-200;  WS 206

Friday - 2/23 - None


History 7-1

Monday - 2/19 - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday - 2/20- p. 186-191;  WS 201  

Wednesday -2/21 - p. 192-195;   WS 202/205   

Thursday - 2/22 - p. 196 - 200;  WS 206

Friday -2/23 - None



7th Grade A
Middle School History