Sacred Heart Cathedral Catholic School - Dodge City, KS

Preschool November News

Hello all,

Preschool children are busy with holiday activities.

Preschool will be having a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving celebration in each preschool class. The preschoolers will each bring their favorite snack to share at the feast with their classmates. The preschoolers are making a Thanksgiving placemat, an Indian headband, pilgrim hats, pilgrim bonnets, and turkeys for the November theme. 

Each preschool should bring a box of crackers for the Manna house for our November stewardship project.

The preschoolers will be singing the first two songs at the upcoming school Christmas program. The program will be Thursday Dec. 1 at 7pm in the school gym. All preschoolers need to be in the gym by 6:50.

I hope everyone has a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving,

SHCS Preschool Teacher,

Mrs. LaShaina Lee-Flax

Welcome To Preschool

Preschool has started off well.  There are 20 students in preschool at Sacred Heart Cathedral School.  I know we will have one more start later in the year and as always, the number will increase during the year.  We are all getting to know each other in the preschool classes and we are learning the basic classroom procedures.

Our theme for last week and this week is Apples.  We have colored and painted pictures of apples.  We have dissected apples, ate apples, counted with apples, observed apple seeds and played with apples.  The preschoolers have even received their own apple newspaper featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog. The preschoolers are learning their numbers and working on printing their first names.

Our religion theme for last week and this week is Noah's Ark.  We have done many activities to go along with the theme.  The preschoolers would be proud to tell you the story of Noah's Ark.

September will bring lots of fun for us.  We will be doing Bears for letter B and Cowboys for letter C.  Our religion themes will be "The Story of Creation" and "Joseph and The Coat of Many Colors."  We will be learning about the season Fall.  Preschoolers will be doing many activities that include Fall, harvest, leaves, and etc.