Sacred Heart Cathedral Catholic School - Dodge City, KS

Tuition & Fees

Tuition per Academic Year 

Base Tuition

$3,825 first student

$2,765 second student

$2,235 per each additional student


Stewardship*/Active Catholic Family    

 $2,235 first student

$1,705 second student

$0 per each additional student


*Stewardship Families - Families must participate in the Stewardship Renewal each November and have an envelope history at their Catholic parish showing record of regular Mass attendance through their contribution envelopes.  Contact your parish for envelopes. Stewardship Families must affirm this participation on their enrollment forms each year. 

SHCCS will review Mass attendance (from envelope use only) throughout the school year.  If a family receiving tuition assistance is not in compliance, the assistance will be withdrawn on a pro-rated basis.  Any family may decline tuition assistance at any time and does so by not meeting the requirements.

Payment plans available.

Student Fees (due at registration August 1)

Per Student

Textbooks, Consumable Books, and Agenda - $140

This fee pays for the use of books, workbooks, and other student materials

Ford County Health Fee - $20 per student

This fee pays for vision, hearing, dental screenings, and some nursing services

Home and School Fee - $15 per student

This fee helps cover the cost of class parties, room mother expenses, and class auction project

Cougar Club - $50 for K-6th grader

   $75 for 7th-8th grader

                                   ($125 Maximum per family)

   This fee pays for classroom recess equipment, first-aid supplies, and transportation for field trips

   in all grades and sports uniforms and extracurricular activities costs in middle school

8th Grade Fee

Graduate Fee - $50 per student

This fee pays for graduation supplies and gifts

Activity-Specific Fee

Dance Cats - $175 per student (not a required activity)