Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Dodge City, KS

Pastoral Council

readbible.pngThe goal is to provide spiritual support, leadership and direction to the parish community as it strives to carry out the work of Christ. They help maintain and support a continued process of communication throughout the parish community through contact with each of the committees and commissions.

Finance Council

dollarbill.gifThey are responsible for advising the pastor in the area of the financial well being of the parish. They help develop the budget and monitor the expenses of the parish. They work with the Stewardship Committee in securing the financial resources needed to carry on the mission of the parish.

Hospitality Committee

community.jpgThis committee is responsible for assisting and planning parish social activities that will create a sense of belonging among parishioners. They organize the Easter Vigil reception, anointing of the sick dinner, and the annual parish party. They welcome all people to be a part of our parish family. Their mission is to assist in bringing about a loving and caring atmosphere in the parish.

Liturgy Commission

eucharist.pngThis group is responsible, along with the priest, to promote the liturgical and spiritual life of the parish community. They do this by helping in the preparation of the liturgy and worship environment. The Commission is responsible to study the biblical guidelines of the Church and to implement these guidelines for the welfare of the parish community.

Property Commission

tower.pngThis commission is responsible for all three of our facilities. Landscaping is the largest project. It entails not only the green fescue surrounding the facilities but the buffalo grass in front and on both sides of the driveway, the shelter belt north of the church, the living snow fence north of Iron Road, and the water control pond on the west side of the property. Nearly all the work has been donated including mowing and trimming every week, mulching, weed control, fertilizing, back filling dirt, leveling and shaping, and manual watering where needed. These volunteers altogether put in 20+ hours per week.

Stewardship Council

stewardship.pngThe Stewardship committee encourages the parish to embrace stewardship as way of life. This committee develops and implements programs of time, talent and treasure for the parish and evaluate it on an annual basis. The group maintains a catalog of the groups and activities of the parish with contact names to increase the awareness and involvement in each group. The group focuses on projects and ideas to keep stewardship ever visible to parishioners.