Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Dodge City, KS
Podcasts are an easy way to listen to the homilies from Bishop Brungardt or from the priests of the Cathedral at Sunday Mass. Click on a link below to browse the various homilies.
Substribe to the Cathedral Podcast
Humanae vitaePodcast
by Fr. Aneesh Parappanuattu
Are we be sensitive and responsive to the needs of the society & times?
Date: 7/29/18
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Evangelio san marcosPodcast
by Fr. Wesley Schawe
Es el mas corto de los Evangelios. 5 Semanas comenzando hoy escuhamos Capitulo 6 de San Juan que fue escrito despues de todo los Evangelios.
Date: 7/28/18
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Fútbol y FePodcast
by Fr. Wesley Schawe
Las palabras de Jesús a los Apóstoles nos recuerdan que hay algunas cosas que nos ayudan en la fe y algunas cosas que debemos dejar atrás.
Date: 7/14/18
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The Soleminty of John the BaptistPodcast
by Fr. Reggie Urban
John the Baptist was a humble prophet he said I must decrease he must decrease. The Church only celebrates 3 birthdays Jesus, John the Baptist and Mary. Summer Christmas.
Date: 6/24/18
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The Devil is RealPodcast
by Fr. Wesley Schawe
The majority of Catholics don't believe the devil is a real presence. That is exactly what he wants.
Date: 6/10/18
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