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  • The first step of the RCIA journey of faith
  • Helps the inquirer to discover what it is he or she is seeking
  • A time of sharing stories of Scripture
  • A time of sharing personal stories
  • A time of asking questions
  • A time of initial conversion
  • Creates a hunger for liturgy
  • Lasts as long as each individual inquirer needs - a period of no fixed duration


  • The second step of the RCIA journey of faith
  • Begins with the Rite of Acceptance and concludes with the Rite of Election
  • An extended period of formation in the Christian Life
  • Presents Catholic teaching and enlightens faith
  • Fosters participation in the Liturgy through dismissal
  • Learn how to serve others
  • A place of conversion
  • Catechumens learn the Christian way of life from the Christian Community and their sponsor

Purification and Enlightenment

  • The third step of the RCIA journey of faith
  • Begins with the Rite of Election (first Sunday of Lent) and extends through the Lenten season.
  • A period of intense spiritual preparation consisting more in interior reflection than in catechetical instruction
  • Catechumens are now called the Elect
  • Preparation of the Elect for the Easter Sacraments celebrated at the Easter Vigil
  • Three purifying rituals, known as the Scrutinies are celebrated on the third, fourth and fifth Sundays of Lent
  • Invitation to the community for intense prayer


  • The fourth step of the RCIA journey of faith
  • The fifty days between Easter and Pentecost
  • The newly initiated are called Neophytes
  • A deeper understanding of God's word, the sacraments, and the lived Christian life
  • A time for unpacking and remembering
  • Celebrate the fullness of the Liturgy with the Christian community
  • Sent forth with the community to continue the mission of Christ
  • A time to develop closer ties with the faithful
  • A time to discern and recognized their gifts and their call to discipleship
  • Final period of the Initiation process, which in reality continues for a lifetime