Sacred Heart Cathedral Catholic School - Dodge City, KS

Catholic Educational Outcomes

Philosophy of Sacred Heart Cathedral School

  • that each child is a person created by God and is responsible to God for the conduct of his/her life
  • that each child is endowed with an intellect to acquire knowledge, emotions to motivate him/her to high ideals, and a free will to make responsible choices
  • that each child's powers have been impaired by original sin, a special concern of  Catholic education is to teach the child to recognize the sustaining power of God's love

Catholic education seeks to develop in each child an understanding of his/her true end in life, a desire to achieve this end above all others and to develop the self-discipline necessary to make the choices to attain it.


  • that the world of knowledge includes some truths which are absolute and some  which are relative
  • that each individual builds a scale of values which constitutes the motivational force of his/her life

An important objective of our education is to teach the child to recognize and choose the right priorities in this blend of absolute and relative truth.


  • that the responsibility for the over-all development of the child rests chiefly with the parents and the home
  • that the school's primary responsibility, a delegated one, is the balanced development of the child's human powers of intelligence, emotions and will

Proper respect must be encouraged for other agencies which contribute to the child's formation, such as the Church, the government, and society.

With these principles in mind we base our philosophy on these ends:

   1.      To provide for the common educational needs of all children. 

   2.      To develop desirable moral attitudes and practices.

   3.      To promote a healthy lifestyle.
   4.      To develop a constructive civic sense through practice in respecting the property and rights of others.
   5.      To develop a sense of personal responsibility by leading students to meaningful experiences and prudent decisions.
   6.      To provide recreational activities this will develop positive social relationships now and provide for future worthwhile leisure-time enjoyment.

   7.      To develop a basically true Christian, loyal to the ideals of his/her faith.