Sacred Heart Cathedral Catholic School - Dodge City, KS

April Fun

April has been such a fun month in Preschool!  We celebrated Holy Week and Easter with tons of fun projects as we learned what makes Easter so special.  We have been super busy exploring spring by watching how our surroundings are coming back to life.  We had real caterpillars in our classroom we observed change to cocoons and then butterflies.  We geared up for the zoo by learning about different animals too.  We have also had fun playing rhyming games, alphabet games, and counting everything around us as we get ready to move on to Kindergarten.  

March Madness

March blew in and flew right by!  We have had lots of opportunities to explore spring already as we feel the weather changing and see things turning green!  We learned about different weather by reading stories and painting umbrellas, making our own snow, and making it rain using shaving cream and food coloring!  We have also been learning about some of the miracles Jesus performed.  I think a favorite has been Jesus calms the storm.   We are excited to continue our Lenten journey as we get closer to Easter.  

Fabulous February

The month may be short, but the list of activities is not!  February has flown by and we were oh the busy!  From Groundhog's Day to President's Day and every thing in between,  the preschoolers were cutting, gluing, and creating projects galore!  We celebrated 100 days of school, had a wonderful time at our Valentine's Day Party, and enjoyed learning about how to take care of our teeth!  We sure can't wait for March and all the fun it blows in!   

January Fun

The students and I were so excited to be back from Christmas break and head into 2019 full steam!  We have been non-stop this month reviewing patterning, counting objects 1-10, and learning positional words.  We also have been busy talking about winter, reading some great stories, and making some fun snowman and winter projects.  

Catholic Schools Week was an awesome way to end a super fun month!  The students really enjoyed dressing up crazy head to toe, wearing their favorite storybook character costume, and wearing our matching tie-dye shirts we made.  

Looking forward to February and focusing on our Fruit of the Spirit, Love.  

The Reason For the Season

December has been a fast and busy month!  There's so many wonderful activities, books, crafts, and service projects we can do to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  And although we had the most fun reading Gingerbread Man stories and making reindeer, I hope the students found the most fun in learning about Jesus' birth.  It's such a wonderful story that never gets old.  So as Advent draws to an end, I hope everyone takes a moment or two to read the story of Jesus' birth, or ask your child to tell it to you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  

It's Thankful November

We have so much to be thankful for this month!  We had so much fun coming up with things are are thankful for along with learning about pilgrims, Indians, and our different traditions we have for Thanksgiving.  We tackled two long stories in the bible this month, Joseph and Moses.  We also began learning the Our Father.  

We are excited to begin Advent as we patiently wait to celebrate Jesus' birthday!

Have a blessed Christmas season!

Off and Running in October

What a busy month we have had!  The Preschoolers were busy learning about fire safety, pumpkins, and fall--and don't forget celebrating Halloween!  We learned our first prayer, the Guardian Angel Prayer, and listened to the stories of creation, Adam and Eve, and Noah's Ark.  We have been practicing our coloring, cutting, and gluing skills while creating some amazing projects.  We are so excited to move into November and think about all the blessings in our lives!  We always have so much to be thankful for!

Super September

 September was SUPER fun!  The students worked on fine motor skills, learning to spell and write their names, and sorting shapes.  We also began our Letter of the Week this month.  We have had so much fun reading books, making projects, enjoying our centers, and getting to know our new friends.  We are eager to move into October and fall fun! 





Awesome August

What a great beginning to our school year!  It has been such a joy to get to know my new students.  They are a great and fun bunch of kiddos.  We have been busy already working on classroom manners, expectations and routines in our classroom.  We have also read some wonderful stories and made some great projects.  We will by busy, busy, busy all year long.  Please check back often as I will try to update with happenings in our classroom.  





Blessing for our Students

Lord our God,
in your wisdom and love
you surround us with the mysteries of the universe.
Send your spirit upon these students
and fill them with your wisdom and blessings.
Grant that they may devote themselves to their studies
and draw ever closer to you,
the source of all knowledge.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers